Ticino Park

Ticino Park

Nature surrounds the Old Farm surrounded by lakes and mountains and rivers like the Ticino river and thrills those who want to get lost in the nature of its fantastic Park.

Protected areas extend over the territory such as the Ticino Piemontese River Park inhabited by foxes, otters and herons, or the Oriented Nature Reserve of the Baragge, a boundless plain covered by meadows and moors.

SOURCES: (photo: www.parcoticinolagomaggiore.it; texts: www.italia.it)

Ecosystems and biodiversity

The Ticino Park is crossed by migratory routes that every year are traveled by birds in flight from Africa to Northern Europe and in reverse, but the protected area is also one of the most important inland Italian wetlands, fundamental for the wintering of many species of aquatic birds and the habitat of choice for numerous amphibians.

SOURCES: (photos and texts: ente.parcoticino.it)